Journal Entry, Week Ten

When I had to choose a publication medium I thought I would create a wiki page, since there was just too much information to do otherwise. I figured that would be fine until class when the professor announced we could hand out a publication to our classmates while we gave a presentation. That meant that I could put my presentation in a smaller form like a brochure and that seemed like a difficult goal, but after analyzing my data and trying it out I decided it could be done.¬† I wanted to create a brochure form of my presentation, because it has a lot of good ideas in it that could convince others to try them and I figured an easy way to sell someone on something during a presentation is a pamphlet. After reflection it actually turned out pretty good considering the fact I didn’t plan for it.

The medium I chose was much smaller than the paper I started with initially, but I took the time to condense my research to fit a brochure despite it being a daunting task. First I eliminated most of the graphs I used in the presentation, because most of them were good talking points, but weren’t necessary to get my point across. Then I altered most of the data down into simple bullet points without any of the explanatory analysis behind them. After that I had to choose which topics were more important than others since I could not fit them all and instead chose the ones that would be the most helpful or the most interesting. Lastly I made sure that all the data and language I used highlighted the best part of my research paper and that it always focused on selling the strategies, rather than just presenting them. Overall it turned out really good and I’m pretty happy with the project as whole. Now all that is left is to wait until others see it to determine if I succeeded or not.


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