Progress Report, Week Nine

My research journey is drawing to a close,  my outline is nearly completed and my final draft plus presentation are being pieced together slowly but surely. I hoped I would be farther along than I am, but alas the topic has turned out to be extremely large and when I think I’m getting closer to calling it complete I find a lot more legitimate information to add.

The issue I ran into this week was just stripping all the information down into sections I can use and then translating it into graphs, because it was just too many companies. I realized that sometimes looking up the information for every single one of the 20 companies I was evaluating was taking me forever and also giving me an extremely long references list. I think I am just going to have to pick and choose from the top sources based on a unbiased perspective, so I can efficiently whittle it down. For example if I find that from the 20 companies that I researched 60% of them used teams of 15 I don’t need to include every single article for every company, I just have to ensure that my data reflects that 60% of the teams had 15. So in other words as long as my ratios in my paper are accurate I only need to include 6 companies in that example to give me 60%. This will probably be a faster way to do things rather than having to source one graph from 20 different sources.

This week I was making the final touches on my outline and found that it was incredibly big. Even though I feel like that portion of my work is large enough, I still keep adding to it even now. This is about where I expected to be, but I never feel like I’m done no matter how much I accomplish. I guess until I press that submit button I will always feel like there’s more that I can do. Next week is my final week to complete the project, so I need to work extremely hard to ensure I have done everything I can do to present all the information complete and unbiased. I will have both the paper and the presentation for class done next week and hopefully it reaches my expectations.

Week 1 : Choose a Topic and Thesis (Done)

Week 2-4: Searching (Done)

Week 5-6: Reading/Evaluating (Done)

Week 7-8: Outlining/Drafting (Done)

Week 9: Final Draft/Presentation (In Progress)

Week 10: Wiki

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