Lab Activity, Week Eight

This week we had to discuss the highlights of our research and mention what was in our journal post last week. I chose to talk about how I am organizing my outline with pictures to reduce pages and how my data actually gave me quite a surprise in some areas. I’m not going to lie to people though, most of my data was either pretty standard project plan setups or scary and unnerving in their approach to game design in general. Almost every single top played game app is a free game with micro-transactions, while the majority of one time pay games don’t get a lot of attention despite them costing far less and offering people more content. That’s what I chose to talk about, because I found it the most interesting, but also the most disturbing part about my research analysis.

My group offered suggestions about organizing my data into bullet points to just “free flow” discussing the information, instead of using power point to put everyone to sleep with giant walls of text. I thought about it and I like the idea, so I’ll probably use something like that in the slides, but I won’t use them in my report. For my report I have to be able to talk about the data since the professor is expecting to hear my thoughts on it and not see a bunch of data that could look meaningless to them. One of my group mates pointed out that there are many things that hold no value on their own unless they can be paired with something else to give it meaning. Just like my data if it had no explanations for its existence on my paper.

After analyzing the data and discussing it with my classmates I have come to the conclusion that my research question has given me an answer, but half of it seems unethical to say the least. I know that the information is accurate, but I feel like I should definitely mention all of this or at least put a moral objection at the end of my report as a caveat to people that these practices are eerily similar if not identical to what casino’s use to keep people spending money.

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