Progress Report, Week Eight

This week I found myself with 20+ pages of a rough draft and realized that it’s not just too big its honestly out of order as well. I have just been reading from all the sources I gathered and plugging in information as I went along until I realized that it’s a huge mess, but the information is still relevant and interesting. As far as I can tell I am probably not where I need to be at this point on my research journey, but I feel very comfortable that I can finish my outline completely by next week.

I think the biggest issue I ran into this week was trying to decide which information should be in graph form and which should be written out or explained. Overcoming this problem will just take me some time to decide how big I want my paper to be and which topics I feel need explaining. It’s getting really complex and boiling it all down into something small and digestible, but still give a sound answer to my research question has been problematic. All that being said I still feel like I have a great outline in the works.

After going over my outline I realized some of my data seems extremely different from each source, like budgets for example and I’m not sure what that means. I guess that means that I shouldn’t try to interpret that type of data and I should just present the data to the reader, so I don’t make incorrect assumptions.

Next week is my final draft and I will need to work extremely hard to complete it since it’s also my due date. I want to work hard to make it interesting and fun to read, because other people in my class will be reading my work next week in class. The typical research analysis process doesn’t include bias, so no matter how much I like my research question I have to keep in mind that my opinions play no part in my interpretation of the data.

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