Progress Report, Week Three

     This week I have started to formulate a plan with what I want my final analysis report to look like for week 9. It’s not finalized yet, but I wanted to break the analysis down into a few distinct sections and explain the most common themes I found throughout each one as I analyzed each successful companies project plans. The first section will be based on team compositions like what were each of their jobs, how big were the teams and how did they communicate. The next section will be what management style did they prefer or use like Six Sigma, Agile, Kanban, etc. or did they have their own style. After that will be operations like how long did they work and what was the schedule like. Next will be how did they monitor progress like reports and how many bosses or deadlines. Lastly I will include their company philosophy and what they each valued the most. Within each section I will analyze the most common occurring features I see, then the less common features and lastly their reasoning’s behind why the they made that choice.
     In my research journey I should be and am currently directly in the middle of researching companies project plans and plan to be there for the next week as well. I want to gather a lot of information before I analyze all of it fully and make my decision about whats useful. I haven’t run into any issues this week, so there was nothing to overcome, but I can say that I have been trying to look ahead and predict any problems that might crop up. I did however make some good progress in regards to pushing ahead to the next stage. I have prepared and will be sending emails with questions based on the sections I described to quite a few different companies this week. Other than the research I am doing which is definitely progress I can’t determine if the email part will be progress until I get a response from any of them. Even if I don’t some though that will not be a problem since I can still gather enough information from interviews and other published sources to write a decent paper about my research question.
     Next week I plan on continuing my research and finalizing what is important to answering my question. I like the amount of information available I have found so far and its all worked out pretty nicely considering that it can seem overwhelming or containing sparse details in regards to project development plans. I will just have to make up for this lack of quality sometimes with quantity and fill that research void. The good part is that there are a ton of large companies getting into this small app game and they like to give interviews and talk openly about their success all the time. Its made it easier to to see what makes success and I’m glad for it.

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