Lab Activity, Week Two

This week we had a discussion about our research question with other people that had similar ideas themselves. We talked about random things we discovered about our topic and other ways we could improve the research. Some of the best sites I found that weren’t very in depth but more opinion based or were not based on a popular and successful game I included here to talk about what they brought to the discussion.One site I found was a marketing checklist created by an indie game developer, another was best programming practices for mobile gaming and the other was about proper advertising that you might not have considered. Although they will not be important enough to be included in my final analysis they did help guide me in a more constructive direction with what I should be researching. I found that they have helped me understand whats important to focus on and what I should consider essential to the business such advertising/marketing as a strong avenue to explore.

The group discussion was extremely helpful because Chris brought up an excellent point to me about mobile game development with large companies. She said since the games are so cheap what if these companies just pump out a bunch of games trying to see whichever one sticks, because they are so cheap to develop? That was something I hadn’t even considered since this could change the nature of the research question entirely. Is it a best practice to pump out crap until something strikes gold or is it a best practice to try and create a quality game from the start with a very strong set of project guidelines? I mean, success is success right? Or does it actually matter how they got there? Looking at this objectively I’m not entirely sure I have the answer to that yet, but it is definitely going to be something I will look at and mention in my final analysis for sure. If I am going to measure success in regards to project planning methods and the target is making a popular/successful game I would definitely like to know if their method was more like a machine gun or a sniper rifle.


Article – An Indie Game Developers Marketing Checklist–gamedev-7560

Article – How can very small game companies best advertise their product?

Article – 5 Best Practices Beginning Mobile Game Developers Must Know

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