Progress Report, Week One

The topic I chose to base my research question around involves the development of small game applications for portable devices. I have a strong idea of where I will start looking since small app’s are built very similar to how large projects are just with less oversight and scaled down to fit the scope. I will begin my research by investigating large and small team project developments to start comparing and contrasting the overall approach and final solution each of them chose. I think when I read a paper about how Blizzard develops its games it sparked an interest in me to learn more about how they were successful and since small game development is something that I could definitely do it led me to this topic. Since I have just started my research journey and only just developed my question I am only slightly ahead of where I should be, because I already have an idea of what to ask and I don’t need to peruse topics until I find one I like.

The only real issue I can run into with a topic like this is that it can be a rather large area to research, but since it doesn’t include all game development, I can cut it down to more manageable chunks. I will overcome this issue by only researching about small game application teams that had great success, because I don’t need to hear about large game development teams since they won’t apply to me and I don’t need to know an excessive amount about team failures. Also by restricting my research to just Android and Apple products I can simplify it even further than that.

This week I only decided on the research question and did a few google searches to make sure I could easily find material to write and read about. I figured since I am not actively looking for a topic I should use this time to immediately start browsing for successful game development teams to analyze. One example that I liked reading  was how the makers of Candy Crush only spent $50,000 dollars developing the game and it makes over $850,000 dollars a day and last year it made over 1.88 billion dollars. That is an incredible return on investment and I am not saying that I could replicate that formula exactly, but clearly they have the right idea.

So far this is more than I thought I would have at this point, but this is an idea I have had in mind for quite awhile now so turning it into a research question felt pretty natural. Next week I hope to have a lot more information on project development plans for successful games similar to Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Clash of Clans, etc. So that means I should start researching about games I might not know about and the different ways developers created their products. I can start to dig deep into the topic and start designing the path I want my research to go down.


Article: Blizzard – A Perfect Storm by Sean Duffy


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