Journal Entry, Week One

     I have to decide on a research question to explore and discuss for my IS 390 class and there are a lot of things I would like to know more about in detail, but after careful consideration I have settled on an idea that will both interest me and full fill class requirements. I am going to focus on the best practices for small game development, because it explores the project management styles of various companies which is something we spent last quarter creating on our own. Last quarter I had to create a personal project management plan for something besides the website we were working on and I chose to explore my own small game project I was working on at home. I learned a lot about what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong and I think that this quarter my research question should explore the work I was doing. This feels like a logical next step, because first I had to design a plan (flaws and all) and now I get to explore what I should have added, removed or restructured based on the successful teams I research this quarter. Not only does it provide me with a good research question, it helps me grow since it is a reflection of my own personal struggles.

When discussing research methodologies I thought I would just start with literature review and branch out from there. I could include my own personal experiments on the subject if I find them credible enough to include. I could even send very short surveys to the people that made these games themselves and I might get lucky enough to interview them or have them answer my questions and I can include their data in my final analysis.

I will be looking into a little bit of market research because video game success does rely heavily on the markets opinion of you to define its success. I want to include some qualitative research like face-to-face if I can, but truthfully my focus is almost always heavily focused on quantitative research, because numbers don’t lie. I think success is a mixture of opportunity, hard work and luck. I can’t quantify luck but I can definitely see when opportunity came about and hard work can actually be measured.


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